The Problem

Substance abuse is not a problem that is unique to Rochester. Every community across the country faces is challenged with addressing youth using tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

Through community surveys and assessments Rochester has been able to collect and analyze data to help us narrow in on specific substance abuse problems. The information we have gathered has allowed us to develop prevention programs and strategies targeting the 4 most commonly used and abused substances among teens in the community. Those substances include Alcohol, Marijuana, Tobacco and Prescription Drugs.

Alcohol has consistently been the most commonly used substance with about 30% of high school students reporting that they drank in the last 30 days.

This is followed by Marijuana use with about 25% reporting having used it in the past 30-days. Use has increased in the past couple of years.

Tobacco use has seen a significant decline  in use among high schoolers. However the trend of electronic vapor products has surged in recent years. Currently about 34% of high school students report using them in the past 30-days.

Prescription Drug abuse is a growing trend with 15% of high school students reporting they have taken a prescription without a doctors permission in their lifetime.

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