Don Leeman


My name is Don Leeman, and I am seeking my second term in the NH House of Representatives. During my first term, I represented Rochester Wards 2 and 3, and served on the House Ways and Means Committee. During that time, I did not miss any roll call votes. I also had near-perfect attendance at Committee hearings, only missing one when an emergency cropped up late on a Monday afternoon.

These first 2 years have been a great education, and I hope to be able to continue to represent the city of Rochester where I am now living in Ward 6.

In 2014, I ran on a very simple platform. I promised to not vote for any new taxes or fees, nor would I vote for any increases in taxes or fees. I kept that promise. I also promised to uphold certain traditional values that we take very seriously, such as the definition of marriage as it has been defined for nearly 6000 years.

I also promised not to seek nor accept any donations to my campaign... in any amount... and from any source. Why? Because I do not want anyone to think that I "owe" something to them just because of a donation. The only people to whom I owe anything are the voters back here at home. I was able to keep that promise in 2014, and I am making the same commitment once again in 2016.

I have been a solid supporter of the Second Amendment, and hope to be able to continue to fight to retain our Right to keep and bear arms. I have also spoken out strongly on the issue of abortion, and have opposed any and all use of taxpayer money for ANY organization that terminates innocent human lives...such as Planned Parenthood. So far, I have a 100% voting record from both the NRA and from NH Right to Life. I have earned a 95% rating from the House Republican Alliance (HRA) during this year, which placed me near the top of their overall listings. So you will know, HRA positions are based upon 2 things: The Constitution AND the Republican Party Platform.

I do believe in charity as being a fundamental concept, and I do take that seriously. However, for charity to be real, it must be VOLUNTARY. It should come from "We The People"...personally... and not taken FROM the people BY the be used as the government sees fit.

I believe that we need to create a better economic climate for all of our citizens. To that end, I will support bills that encourage the growth of private sector jobs. As long as those jobs are created by private investment, those are the types of jobs that contribute to a healthy, robust economy.

I have taken my duties seriously from Day One, and look forward to doing so once again. There are several different bills that I would work for in the coming term, and all are with the intent of making sure that none of your tax money is wasted. Most of us can agree that when government gets their hands on your money, they don't always think about the people who are paying the freight. Yet, they continue to want to spend your money without giving thought to the fact that you had to work hard to earn it in the first place. That is their mistake, and it is one mistake that I will never commit. On have my word.

I consider the job of a State Representative to be a full time job, and that means being available for my constituents when they have problems or issues that they are not able to handle on their own. To that end, I pledge myself to being a full-time Representative for you, the voters of Ward 2 and 3.

Thank you for you consideration.


Don E. Leeman