Why I am running

I have enjoyed my four years as a State Representative but there is still much work to be done. I know that the demands of the Senate require someone who can devote the time needed.

My priorities include:

  • Keeping taxes low. I will not support a State Income or Sales Tax.

  • Cutting unnecessary spending. We must continue to identify excessive regulations that increase costs for business, local government and the State.

  • Improving infrastructure to attract Business, promote Tourism and improve the lives of our citizens. Without the infrastructure business will not choose New Hampshire. Without good paying jobs our best and brightest students will continue to move out of the State. Tourism brings in much needed revenue.

  • Quality Education K – 12 and beyond. Businesses will not locate in our State unless we have a well educated and willing workforce. School Districts and post secondary institutions must control costs.

  • State and Local Employee Compensation that is just and a fully funded State Pension System. We should pay reasonable salaries and benefits to our employees but must hold them accountable.

  • Support the Police and local social organizations to fight the drug crisis. Too many of our citizens have died.

I would also like to thank Senator Cataldo for his assistance in getting to know the voters in District 6.